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Post  Kumbricia on Sat Dec 31, 2011 12:12 pm

Ookaay, so this is the part I dread the most about admin-ing forums. I'm just going to make this really short, because I of all people know how bad rules can be.

1. Please not too much swearing. I don't mind a little, but in context, please. Not just random swearing. And please keep it T. Smile

2. Please no God-Moding (or GMing, for short.) It means you can't control any other character except your own, otherwise it's not fair to the other players. Also no violence unless you have permission from said character.

3. Not too much violence without permission. Poking or whacking is fine, but please do not produce a dagger out of no where and stab the nearest person (as amusing as that would be. I'm a huge angst/horror/violence fan, but please not randomly.)

4. Don't be mean to each other. Play nice. Smile

5. Have fun. This isn't too much for rules, right? If you have questions or want to talk about them, please post below or PM me. I'm open to anything, really. Wink


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